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The Power of A Post-It- Note

Many of us deal with our insecurities inour own way. How many of us look for validation from others? Raise your hand if you wrestle with voices from your inner mean girl, fat girl or my personal favorite the inner critic?

How many women constantly tell themselves they aren’t worthy? As women, we always go out of our way to rescue someone else from their burning building.  We tend to go out of our way to make someone else feel better about themselves or their situation.  If you’re the person always pouring into everyone else, whose pouring into you?

I love the idea that a few positive words jotted down on a square piece of neon colored adhesive paper can set the course of the day. Simple phrases like “I am enough”, or “Nothing external has any power over me” can put you in a head space that allows you to begin your day on a positive note. Having small post- it- notes of self-love, and positive affirmation in your personal space allows you to remain dedicated and focused on you while you save the world.

Are you guilty of drooling over someone you follow on social media who appears to be doing everything you envisioned for your life? Don’t hate, use positive uplifting phrases on post-it- notes to inspire you, then set a course of action. When positive notes are placed in your direct line of sight (bathroom mirror, refrigerator, sun visor, etc.) the notes help you to remain positive throughout your day. Affirmation can be a positive tool as you journey through life. It’s a simple way to remind yourself that you matter, that you are loved, you are worthy,  that you can make it, and you can give yourself permission to live, love and laugh!

February just happens to be post-it note month! So I challenge you to post a positive note daily to encourage yourself or someone you care about for the next 28 days!

Happy POSTING!!!


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