with Coach Elle Davis


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My destination is no longer a place but a new way of seeing ~ Marcel Proust


I had the pleasure of working with Coach Elle as my life coach. I knew immediately after our consultation that she had a passion for the job she was doing. Coach Elle was very engaged during my sessions. Coach Elle listened attentively and  supported my vision. She asked questions that made me think about where I was in life and where I desired to be. Together she and I set goals and formulated a plan to reach my goals. Before speaking to my life coach, I had no idea on which career path I wanted to embark on. Coach Elle helped me to see the bigger picture. Now I have a clear vision of my career path.

RaShida M.

From the beginning of the first conversation Coach Elle and I had, it felt easy. I found it very easy to talk with her as she made me feel comfortable. Her prayers were very comforting and her advice was always dead on. It’s very refreshing to talk with someone who understands your walk. I am grateful to have met Coach Elle because with her, I made significant strides in a short period of time.

Sharita J. Lee, MBA


Coach Elle Davis has been SUCH a joy to work with over this period of time. Interacting with her was always a breath of fresh air, and every single time I had the pleasure of connecting with her, I easily felt myself drift into conversation with a lifelong friend! Coach Elle is just that kind of person! She helps you easily relax and feel as comfortable with her as if you have known her for years on end. As a coach, Lady Elle brings to us a combination of honesty, openness and sincerity that will be immediately appreciated by those blessed to connect with her!

Coach D Nicole